Launch 2/3/21 StoopidBall

Launch Date: 2/3/2021

Stoopid Ball has a single level that is fairly difficult.  Moving Objects and flying through small spaces as a small ball.  The objects move pretty fast so watch where you are jumping.  I created this game in about 3 hours but it has been 3 days before I launched it so I had a little time to test it out.  I added some new things such as.

(Also I may have made it in three hours but I have been making changes left and right for three days now. If everyone enjoys it i'll add more)

  • Retro Style (using a rendered texture to capture the camera view and downgrading it)
  • smaller ball and a bit of wider spaces to make it a little easier.
  • made it compatible for web play and android development. 
  • reuses the same objects so there is no destroying of objects in the game.
  • random positions of objects to make things less predictable.
  • simple game to keep you occupied.
  •  dont hit the top or bottom or you will fail.

I hope you enjoy the game.  It has kept me entertained for a while now.  Comment if you have anything to say.

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Feb 03, 2021

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